The trend of the last several decades towards increased integration of global markets has meant that many firms are experiencing continuously increasing pressure to remain viable as their markets expand and they begin competing with a larger number of firms. Small and medium-sized enterprises,in particular, are vulnerable to this pressure, since they tend to be disadvantaged relative to larger firms that generally have more resources.


Kuter delivers relevant market analyses, draws up business plans, offers services and implementation which considerably heighten the competitiveness and the development chances of small and medium-sized enterprises. Kuter analyzes potentials and risks of markets and sectors, and then develops total solution packages corresponding to the demands of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Kuter helps SMEs do more with less and do it faster than their larger competitors. We provide honest, objective and practical solutions that go beyond the obvious and can be implemented fast. With over 20 years’ experience building successful local and international businesses, Kuter has a deep knowledge of diverse cultures and markets.


Regardless of the industry, size, location, or growth aspirations, Kuter also provides SMEs with organizational change management service and institutionalization service especially for family business.