KUTER is a recognized leader in business start-up services worldwide. From design, to construction, to commissioning, to ongoing management, our talented staff of dedicated experts support virtually every facet of various industries, bringing unmatched qualifications to our clients. Kuter considers, according to their experience, that it is very crucial to collaborate at the very early stages of investments in order to avoid some initial mistakes that cannot or can hardly be corrected in the later steps.


Kuter’s reputation is built on almost 20 years of experience and innovation in building and operating many plants and developing and managing state-of-the-art facilities for their clients.


The sectors under active participation and of core interest are natural stone, compound stone, furniture, metal processing, cranes and lifting equipment, and Small and Medium Sized Companies. Other strategic areas of focus are investments in technologies and R&D which provide strong growth opportunities.


Kuter is positioned to address the need due to their extensive experience in countries throughout Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and the Middle East, providing the superior service they’re known for the global market.


Kuter has the experience and capability to undertake any challenges related to the design and construction of modern projects down to targeted specific projects in existing plant operations providing total solution for its clients. This includes planning and management of major plant upgrade campaigns.


Kuter has the in-depth capacity and experience to work seamlessly with client’s personnel to provide in depth and practical solutions to meet the goals of its clients. Periodical ‘On-the-job’ training programs are conducted at various project sites by both internal and external faculties.



  • Project management
  • 3rd Party Agreements
  • Process engineering
  • Plant and Project Commissioning
  • Operations training and support
  • Material Handling and bulk storage
  • Plant Upgrades
  • Plant Lay-out and design
  • Key Personnel Recruitment
  • Plant Safety
  • Import-Export and Logistics
  • Feasibility studies