About Us

Very briefly, Kuter has been supplying world-class services all around world for years and giving power to companies at all stages in strong market environments, especially on the business start-ups and business development. The signature attribute of Kuter is that they act as experts ‘embedded’ into client’s teams under the direction of organizational management.


Kuter help companies, in general, have clear strategies and form tactics and plans completely compatible with the investment targets before start-up. Kuter implements those in all aspects of business and with all departments thereafter in a very systematic way. They regard industrial companies as a combination of all business units such as procurement, R&D, production, planning, maintenance, QC and QA, marketing, brand identity, accounting, domestic sales and export which come together integrally to reach the determined target through some modern management systems.


Kuter evaluates engagement on projects in light of the corporation's strategic and tactical objectives. They focus strictly on efficiency and productivity in every step a company takes. Kuter serves their clients as problem solvers, facilitators, and most importantly, as hands-on professionals who take on any project and work on-site with dedication. Our team of experts love what they do and inject their innate enthusiasm into every project for every client